Frequently Asked Questions

To Register

First check your spam folder.

If it is not there check again 10 minutes time.

Still not find your email contact our customer care. We will help you.

You can use whatever name, but not necessarily to enter your real name.

You have to use your email and password to login to iclair.

You can recover your password via forgot password. Please click here to go forgot password

First check your email, which you used to register with iclair.

Check your password.

Make sure Caps Lock is on your keyboard.

Make sure whether the account is activated.

Still, you have an issue, please contact our customer care. We will help you.

Pay for iclair

Your payment is secured and guaranteed by Stripe, and PayPal

No. We don't store your credit card information

We support all major credit cards and PayPal

First, you have to register with iclair to make a payment

Credit is the available amount of your currency

Yes. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your credits

Some times it takes a few more minutes to update credits on the website. If it is not updated after few minutes please contact the customer support

At the moment credit can be purchased only through the internet. In future will add another credit purchase options

Contact Coach

You can select coach by specialty, popularity, from the iclair web site. You can search for the particular coach also from the website

No. You can not contact them until they come online

Online coaches always available in the first collection of coach lists and online status will be notified by a green color dot. When changing status you will prompt a notification right side bottom.

Yes. You can call coaches directly by calling the number which shows on consultant block

Before calling you to have to buy credits. You can buy credits from here.

You can review coaches at activity section in your profile

If the consultent is busy of not available you can stay with a voice mail for the coach for your message to connect or get help

Get Calls

You can report our technical team to assist you. If you are using a mobile, please whether you have good receptions

Manage Account

The profile picture is only for registers users and it can be changed at the profile section. Once you logged in will click the profile icon on the top right corner of the main menu and click "upload image" of the profile page

You can change it from the profile section after you sign in to iclair.

Go to Login then Profile and Click on

Personal code is unique 8 digit code which you have to use to identify you when are calling our coaches

No. You can not change it.

No. You can not change it.

Yes, you can change your password from the profile section after you sign in to iclair

Go to Login then Profile and Click on

Yes, you can. But for if you want to reactivate, you need to contact customer support.

Yes, You can.

Please note account deletion is irreversible

You have to log your account